Senior Network Engineer

We are looking for a Senior Network Engineer to join our team in helping to plan, implement, oversee and maintain network infrastructure and projects. Working within a team of System Administration, System Integration, and cooperating with the L2 platform support team, your key responsibility will be to provide Network operations Center monitoring maintenance, plan the network architecture and be in charge of new network deployment.

What you'll be doing:

  • Be responsible for architectural planning and constructing networks to ensure their optimization and proper functioning
  • Maintain and improve network security and infrastructure
  • Deliver high-quality network infrastructure to sustain the online and on-site information technology activities of end-users
  • Deploy new environments based on product specifications or upgrades of existing ones
  • Communicate and cooperate with System Administrators and Development teams on a daily basis

We're looking for someone who is experienced with:

  • OSI model, especially the first four layers
  • TCP/IP stack and other commonly used protocols (ICMP, GRE, etc.)
  • Linux/UNIX based systems
  • Commonly used routing protocols (OSPF and BGP)
  • Standard VPN protocols (IPSec, OVPN, L2TP, SSL VPN, etc.)
  • Deployment and configuration of the appliances on time, based on project requirements
  • Maintenance and providing SLA for all types of environments
  • Networking technologies such as MikroTik, CISCO, Fortinet, and others

And to have:

  • Understanding and experience in working with large networks
  • Experience working with cloud networking
  • Ability to design network architecture and propose the right appliances
  • Experience working in a production environment
  • CS or related degree
  • Fluency in English due to daily communication with an international team
  • Willingness to learn new technologies

Bonus points for:

  • Hands-on experience with AWS
  • Experience in working with virtualized environments (VMware, vCloud Directory)
  • Ability to read, write and understand Python scripts

You can expect

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