Senior Frontend Engineer

What you’ll be doing:


  • Be involved in all lifecycles of product creation from the initial idea, through planning and implementation, all the way to release
  • Work with the latest and greatest technologies both on the web and infrastructure side, a few examples include: TypeScript, React, Redux, Next.JS, Vite, AWS, Kubernetes, CodeFresh, GitHub Actions, and many more
  • Be a part of the emerging open source culture, dedicate your time to working on open source software
  • Join the Frontend Community, where you’ll be adding to our growing team of frontend experts with opportunities to learn, grow and share your knowledge
  • Work with some of the best tools available, such as Notion, Jira Cloud, GitHub, Zoom, and Slack


We’re looking for someone who has:

  • Solid understanding of JavaScript
  • Experience in frontend frameworks: React or Vue - this is what we’re using, but it’s cool as long as you have experience with one, e.g.: Angular/Angular.JS, Vue, Meteor, Svelte, Ember, Mithril, Polymer, etc
  • Redux - is our state management library of choice, but you may be more familiar with: MobX, XState, Recoil, VueX, Zustand, Valtio, Jotai, etc
  • Ant Design - is the design system and component library we’re using, but it’s easy to pick up, as long as you have experience using a design system, such as Material Design, Bootstrap, Semantic UI, Blueprint, Fluent UI, Grommet, Shards, Chakra UI, OnsenUI, etc
  • Knowledge of TypeScript
  • Attention to detail and eagerness to deliver quality products
  • Knowledge of best practices, patterns, and understanding of key principles of developing software
  • Be a team player, we’re stronger together


Bonus points for:

  • Experience in the betting/gaming industry
  • Experience developing back-office applications, such as dashboards and CRUD systems with complex data models
  • Being a TypeScript experts - we all love and use TypeScript for all frontend projects
  • A deeper understanding of React, especially best practices around function components and hooks, forms, and data flow
  • Understanding performance optimization practices and application of techniques to optimize applications
  • Experience creating applications with high-frequency, low-latency data changes
  • Motivation to not only learn but to help others advance


You can expect

About Happening

Happening is the technology engine powering Superbet Group's global platforms and brands that bring thrill to customers across the world every day. We are a game-changing tech company rewriting the rules of sports betting and gaming. We are shaking up the status quo by building our own end-to-end tech stack, solving deep and complex challenges for millions of customers and shaping our culture to work uniquely for the tech community. A true challenger, our technology handles serious scale on par with the Big Techs, and customer obsession runs through every team. Building our own platform gives freedom to innovate and flip the legacy perceptions and industry stereotypes.

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