Data Engineer

Think of a data platform. Handling real-time data from dozens of services like no other. The industry vertical is betting - gaming and sports. Now think of scaling it. And innovating it. Using cutting edge technology. Managing reporting, decision making and personalization solutions for tens of thousands of customers daily. Sounds interesting?

We're looking for someone who:

  • Has solid experience with data transformation flows (ETL, RT data pipelines,...)
  • Has some programming background and a general understanding of data architectures
  • Has some experience in defining data model based on business request
  • Knows how to write clean, maintainable and well-tested code/flows that adheres to best practices, with an emphasis on performance, scalability
  • CS or related degree

Bonus points if you are:

  • Experienced with cloud-based DB and technologies
  • Familiar with Vertica/Snowflake or other analytical DBs
  • Familiar with Python

What you'll be doing?

  • Build data transformation flows for various parts of our business, on fast and versatile data sources with more than 100mil changes a day
  • Develop parts of our platform that will be used for front end personalization or customer experience and communication enhancement
  • Communicate with data analysts, product owners and development teams in order to understand business processes and system architecture for specific product features
  • Define rules and implementing controls for data quality management
  • Take over complex tasks, introduce new technologies and influence changes in data architecture, negotiate design changes, etc.
  • Doing code reviews and assuring the best quality of the platform through collaboration with other team members

You can expect

About Happening

Happening is the technology engine powering Superbet Group's global platforms and brands that bring thrill to customers across the world every day. We are a game-changing tech company rewriting the rules of sports betting and gaming. We are shaking up the status quo by building our own end-to-end tech stack, solving deep and complex challenges for millions of customers and shaping our culture to work uniquely for the tech community. A true challenger, our technology handles serious scale on par with the Big Techs, and customer obsession runs through every team. Building our own platform gives freedom to innovate and flip the legacy perceptions and industry stereotypes.

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