Zagreb, Croatia

QA Engineer

Full time Development Remote possible

Think of a product. Like lean, mean software. For sports betting. With the best possible real-time solutions. Now think of innovating the testing process. Stopping bugs from reaching production. Paying special attention to how and what is delivered. Directly tailoring the experience for tens of thousands of people daily. Sounds interesting?

What it's like working with us?

  • A typical product team consists of a product manager, developers, and yourself. Sometimes other roles are available such as a designer, data analyst, or UX researcher.

    Here's a recap of a couple of weeks worth of work: 

    • A planning meeting was held, and the team agreed on which tasks to work on

    • Jira enabled successful collaboration, and the team tested new features based on the test strategy you all agreed on

    • During the week, the team had communicated over Slack and supported colleagues from other teams when they asked for help

    • The team worked on refining requirements and providing clarity on the tasks to be developed in the future

    • There were several releases to the production. In this process, the team followed the agreed release procedures

    • You assessed the quality within your team and documented it. You analyzed if there are possible improvements to the process. You discussed possible improvements with the team

    • You spoke with your manager in a 1on1 session, discussed your career, performance, and provided feedback

    • You aligned your efforts with the rest of the engineering community specializing in QA daily, sharing knowledge by discussing relevant topics or collaborating on multi-team initiatives

    • Your efforts helped ensure the quality is continuously improved and that the product you're building is outstanding. Our customers' experience and team performance were ever so slightly better than last month

What you'll be doing?

  • Ensuring defects are not reaching production by setting quality gates in the development process

  • Collaborating with the product team members, establishing quality goals, and providing reports through an independent assessment of the state of quality

  • Developing technical solutions, i.e. tools to assist software testing, quality summary dashboards, etc.

  • Increasing testing process effectiveness and coverage

  • Implementing metrics, analyzing data to identify patterns, reporting findings to development partners, and influencing software development quality

  • Learning betting domain knowledge, collaborating with other engineers in establishing best practices

  • Testing software manually, developing automated tests, and coaching other engineers how to test software effectively

We're looking for someone who:

  • Has a minimum of Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or related discipline

  • Worked at least three years as a Tester, QA Engineer, Software Engineer or had a similar role with a focus on quality- Has experience in the development of test automation frameworks, automated tests and other QA focused tools

  • Has experience with OOP, proficient in at least one language

  • Is proactive and devoted to growing your professional skills

  • Is able to demonstrate a collaborative spirit and excellent communication skills

  • Has high proficiency in speaking and reading the English language

Bonus points:

  • ISTQB Certifications

  • Languages: Golang or JavaScript

  • Experience using Jira or similar Task Management tool

  • Experience using Xray or similar Test Management tool

You can expect

We want you to be happy. One of the ways we can do that is to make sure that you get rewarded for your achievements and get a fair compensation package for your skills and what you bring to the table.

It's important to take care of yourself. That's why we'll always encourage you to take a vacation and use your free days to hang out with friends & family, and not work overtime. There should always be a balance. This goes for workplace as well.
Work whenever & wherever it suits you and tailor your way of working to your schedule. You have the freedom. As simple as that.

Always striving to go to the next level without impacting the quality of our work means that we are constantly questioning our methods and adopting new practices. 
Conferences, coaching, books, courses, lectures.. you name it. So go on, try out new things and discover new technologies and we'll be there to support you along the way.

Healthy body, healthy mind, right? Stay fit with an activity of your choosing.
And besides regular health checks and 100% covered sick leave, we have your back for other (unexpected) medical expenses.
Focus on getting better and let us take care of the rest.

Nothing can bring you closer to your teammates than out-of-work socializing. That's why every team gets a budget to spend on activities of their choosing. Is it going to be karting or steak fine dining? Maybe a trampoline? Either way, it will include at least one shot.

About Happening

Happening is the technology engine powering Superbet Group's global platforms and brands that bring thrill to customers across the world every day. We are a game-changing tech company rewriting the rules of sports betting and gaming. We are shaking up the status quo by building our own end-to-end tech stack, solving deep and complex challenges for millions of customers and shaping our culture to work uniquely for the tech community. A true challenger, our technology handles serious scale on par with the Big Techs, and customer obsession runs through every team. Building our own platform gives freedom to innovate and flip the legacy perceptions and industry stereotypes.

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