What’s Happening?

We are rewriting the rules of sports betting and gaming

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A true

Our technology handles serious scale on par with the Big Techs, and customer obsession runs through every team.

product teams
Beyond the commercial impact of technology, we care about creating inspiring, entertaining and memorable customer experience.
Beyond the commercial impact of technology, we care about creating inspiring, entertaining and memorable customer experience.

400+ people strong with ambitious plans to grow at scale.

We built a team through number of acquisitions as well as hiring best talent.

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bets in a single day

From accepting bets to settling tickets and paying out, we work hard to ensure our daily active users have the sickest betting experience on our websites

The betting core is our beating heart. The scale we work at is mind-blowing.

We’ve been known to handle over a million bets in a single day (who didn’t take the Barcelona - Real Madrid bet?).

We inspire each other to


Work hard and be kind

We strive for performance, but never compromise on being good people and treating each other with respect.


Play to win

We don’t settle on mediocrity, we push ourselves to the limit to win the game.


Lift others up

To win we need a great team, not just great individuals. Let’s help those around us grow because that way we all succeed.


Give a damn

Some tasks might not be in our job description, but if they help us progress, we act as if they were.


Bring the energy

We all have ups and downs. We bring a burst of energy to the team when they need it most, and we know they’ll do the same.


Be customer obsessed

We’re in the business of engineering thrill. Everyone is responsible for understanding and enhancing the customer experience at every touch point.


Act like a founder

We give ourselves premisson to take the lead. Make decisions and be accountable.

Do epic work. Make an impact. Turbocharge your career.

What can you expect


At Happening we work with technology that handles serious scale on par with the Googles, Netflix’s, and Amazons of the world.

Epic work

Working with us means solving some of the most unique and deep challenges in the tech world. So if you’re looking for something epic, you’ve found it.

Big impact

We understand how important it is to feel a sense of achievement at work, especially in the technology sector where often only a small percentage of the team gets to do high-profile work.


We offer the opportunity for all employees to make a real and meaningful impact because while our technology is built for scale our team is tight, efficient, and nimble.


We attract a certain kind of person, someone who is serious about what they do and passionate about learning, growing and accelerating.


A role at Happening is an opportunity to do career-defining work and gain a unique experience that propels your career to new heights.